Acara Partners

Working as part of the creative team as an intern, I aided in the development of various aspects that were implemented into the new Acara Partners website.

About This Project

While interning at Acara Partners I was exposed to a variety of projects ranging from print design to logo creation, but the majority of my time was spent on website builds. One of the largest and most dynamic website builds I was a part of was the new website for the company. Having begun working while the build had already started, I jumped into the mix right away. I helped in the creation and development of many key elements such as icons, images, layout, etc. As it was one of my first experiences using Wordpress, I quickly became more comfortable navigating the userface and helped in coding and developing the website along the lead developer.

Interning at Acara Partners provided me with an assortment of skills, abilities, and new tools that I could carry into all other aspects of my design process. Working as part of the creative team provided me invaluable insight and knowledge into not only the creative, but business aspect as well. I was able to experience first-hand the typical process of a real-world project as well as seeing the client-company relationships. View Website