Design For Good

A fictional design conference for designers from all industries. New branding and a responsive website to attract people to this event.

About This Project

As part of a class assignment, I was given the task of creating a responsive website for a fictional design conference that would take place in New York City. The core of the design was based around creating a "New York" feel by incorporating a color palette based off a typical taxi. Bold yellow accents and paired with various shades of grey, while also using textures found in the city like concrete and metal. Emphasis was also placed on the use of strong photography of the city in the background that entices the potential conference goer.


Creating a strong brand for this conference was vital. I wanted to make the logo easy to recognize, while also portraying something you may spot around the city. The square shaped logo and digital text reminds the user of the tall buildings and bright lights. By establishing the core of the brand I was able to carry this feel into the design and flow of the website. Long scrolling pages, with smooth transitions helped create a dynamic structure to each page. Tall sans-serif text and a strong modular grid helped further enhance the "city" feel to the website. View Website