Office of Early Childhood

Working in a team of 4, my group designed and developed a fully functional responsive website that was chosen to be used as the brand new, official website for the CT OEC.

About This Project

The CT OEC came to Quinnipiac University in the hopes of finding a team of students that could design and develop a fully functional design that would be used as the official website for their organization. So, pairing up with three of my peers, we formed a team that would compete against six other teams (other people in our class).

We split up the tasks from the beginning. I acted as lead designer, with other team members also playing important roles such as lead developer, lead researcher, and a team leader. Tasks, such as developing mood boards, info architecture, wireframes, comps, etc., were all clearly and concisely organized with each team member playing a vital role.


Being the lead designer, I had a lot of input into the look and feel of the website. Working alongside my team members, we focused on creating key attributes and elements that would ultimately separate our design from the rest. We focused on the use of icons (universal language) as well as categorizing information through the use of color and image coordination. After working back and forth with the client and presenting our final product in person, our website was chosen as the winner. Working as part of the team proved to be a invaluable learning experience where I was exposed to new techniques and strategies of how a real life "team" or company goes about their design process from beginning to end. Interacting with the client, meeting deadlines, and maintaining a structured work flow were important learning experiences in this project. View Website