What started off as a hobby slowly turned into a passion. Take a look at a few of my photos or head over to my photography portfolio website

About My Photography

I started taking photos for fun a while back on a simple point and shoot. Then came a new camera, rendering skills, and a desire to learn and discover. I have found that the source of my inspiration comes from the environments around me. Living in New England, there are countless historical buildings, beautiful harbors, scenic forests, and of course the changing seasons. My photography reflects what living in New England is like, from not only the landscapes, but the people, animals, and wildlife as well. This past year I completed development on my photography portfolio website that I made, well, just for the fun of sharing my photos. Go take a look for yourself.


I shoot with a Sony SLT-A65, Pentax 50mm, and always have my smartphone at the ready for those Instagram worthy moments. Also, one of my photos was recently featured on a popular stock image site Unsplash where my photo has been downloaded over 30,000 times and counting.