Red Rooster Cookies

Package design for a local business in Guilford, CT. The goal of this project was to convey the uniqueness and deliciousness of the cookies into the design and feel of the package.

About This Project

In taking a typographic approach to this project, I focused on creating an eye-catching design that emulated not only the amazing taste of the cookies, but also the quaint, warm, and welcoming feeling of the store. I worked on creating unique, fun, and somewhat playful expressions such as “welcome to your small piece of heaven”, which I felt encompassed the overwhelming pleasure you feel once you bite into one of their cookies. Sans-serif type on the side panels and body text helped lighten the mood while a bold Serif font on the front grabs the consumer’s attention.


The size and shape of box was designed to best fit the cookies from the store. Each cookie is somewhat large in size, around 4 inches wide, and the box was made to accomodate about 4-5 cookies. A cutout on the back allows the consumer to view the delicious cookies inside the box. The box also features a reclosable tab which allows for easy opening and closing of the cookie box.