Sugarbush App

As part of a class assignment, I was given the task of redesigning the ui/ux of this app. The goal of the project was to pair a fresh new look with effortless functionality.

About This Project

The user experience of this app was the most crucial aspect in my research and redesign for this project. After researching, interviewing, and creating personas, I felt I had sufficient information where I could formulate a good idea of how the features on the app should behave. By laying out each page and interaction with my information archiecture and wireframes I was able to not only organize, but also make the flow of the app very efficient and easy to understand for any user. My research enabled me to understand what my users desired in terms of which content they were reading, which features they utilized (and didn't), as well as understanding what visuals they found made the interface more "pretty" or "eye-cathing". By doing paper-prototyping with my users, I was able to further understand what features were confusing, beneficial, etc.


Not only was the research crucial in the redesign of this app, but so too was the interface design. I focused on designing the app to be not only functional, but pleasing to the eye as well. Tall sans-serif fonts with white space, pops of red, and the integration of icons and imagery helped give the app a fresh, fun, and energized look (simliar to the people who use the app!)