Santa Cruz Juice

An organic juice company gets an on-the-go bottle with this package design. A bright, refreshing design exudes the pure, organic taste of the juice.

About This Project

From the start of this class project I had one goal in mind, design the package to stand out. The task of this package design was to create an "on-the-go" bottle for a well established company looking to expand it's reach. I drew inspiration for my design from simply the juice itself. The bright, fresh, and organic look and flavor of the juice helped me get a sense of where the project should go. The diamond pattern look featued on the design is inspired from older, larger Santa Cruz glass bottles that have a triangle/diamond pattern on the top of the bottle, which is an old trademark of the company. Hand drawn sans-serif type along with color coordination for each flavor helped tie the elements together and further enhance the "organic" and "fresh" feel of the bottle. After trying several bottle shapes, I landed on a slim, narrow bottle that was easy to hold and drink out of, while also looking very minimalistic and modern.


I learned a lot from this project in terms of how I could translate my ideas, thoughts, design, etc. into an actual bottle. As this was my first package design I encountered several difficulties relating to the layout, required information, dielines, and actually creating the package label. Several trial and errors later I think I was able to succesfully capture the feel of the old bottle, while invigorating some freshness and enthusiam into this "on-the-go" bottle.